KaLy-Cell offers a number of different assays to elucidate specific mechanisms of toxicity.

These include:


  • Oxidative Stress – ex vivo  and in vitro hepatic disorders of detoxification pathways
  • Steatosis – ex vivo and in vitro – hepatic lipid processing disorder, leading to accumulation of triglycerides within the liver cells.
  • Cholestasis – we recently developed an in vitro assessment based on disturbances in bile acid (BA) homeostasis and defined a Drug Induced Cholestasis Index (DICI).
  • Toxicological gene regulation – using qRT-PCR to understand toxicologically relevant changes in gene expression.
  • Custom toxicology – flexible service where we can investigate different cell lines, endpoints and time points to address particular customer issues.
  • Predicition of DILI based on above listed in vitro endpoints

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