Drug toxicity, often manifested as liver toxicity, is a key reason for drug attrition. Identifying potential toxicity at an early stage in drug discovery can save both time and developmental costs, and most importantly reduce the likelihood of late stage failure.

KaLy-Cell is the ideal partner to assist you in understanding the toxic liability of your compounds using a panel of different techniques. Our focus on state of the art technique allow for high quality data to be generated rapidly and cost-effectively. To that end, KaLy-Cell is actively involved in several R&D projects to improve the prediction of toxicological events and allows for a better understanding of the mechanisms of drug toxicity.

KaLy-Cell offers innovative ex vivo and in vitro read outs of toxicity including drug-induced oxidative stress, steatosis, cholestasis, toxicological gene regulation and a range of drug-drug interaction screens (available via KaLy-Cell in vitro  and ex vivo Metabolism services).

KaLy-Cell offers in vitro-based Drug Induced Cholestasis (DICI) as well as a Drug Induced Liver Injury (DILI) prediction services. In order to reach the highest level of prediction from the earliest stage of drug development process, KaLy-Cell has optimized those endpoints for the most relevant cell models by using human and rat primary hepatocyte cell cultures.

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