KaLy-Cell and Primacyt have joint forces to provide Rat (Sprague-Dawley or Wistar), Mouse, Beagle Dog, Goettingen Minipig and Cynomolgus Monkey Freshly Plated Hepatocytes upon request.


Packaging of Freshly Plated Animal Hepatocytes


Collagen-coated plates of Freshly Plated Animal Hepatocytes are available in:

  • 6-well plate
  • 12-well plate
  • 24-well plate
  • 48-well plate
  • 96-well plate
  • 25 cm² flask
  • 75 cm² flask

Freshly Plated Animal Hepatocytes are shipped after attachment, at ambient temperature within 24 or 48h after isolation, depending on the location worldwide, and should be stored on receipt at 37°C at 95% humidity with 5% CO2 atmosphere. 





Included with each order of Freshly Plated Animal Hepatocytes:

  • Datasheet with a picture of the cells prior to shipping
  • Instructions for media replacement
  • MSDS

Needed before you begin:

  • Personal protective equipment (gloves, lab coat, protective eyewear)
  • Biological safety cabinet
  • Aspirating device (i.e. pipette, vacuum aspirator)
  • Incubator (95% humidity, 5% CO2, 37° C)
  • Refrigerator or equivalent storage chamber (2-8° C)
  • Prototypical inducers and DMSO (or applicable solvent control)
  • Cell culture media with supplements (KaLy-Cell Product recommended: KLC-MM)


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